GenmaTheSamurai is doing a wonderful and inspiring LP of SU in which he describes the game as “stylistically awesome.” 

Hi I love how this game is going and its really entertaining and fun, but I seem to have a problem only the first battle after the village chief gives you a rundown on techniques do my guys actually have the ability to use them after that battle they don't regenerate it and therefore i'm constantly stuck at the bandit chief since I can't use yell to distract him is there something I'm doing wrong? — Asked by Anonymous

It’s a bug on some operating systems. I’ll fix it eventually. Sorry for the late reply!

Hey DHM! Been seeing a lot of RPGMaker games on Steam lately, just wanted to thank you for keeping this awesome game free. Keep GC bright and lively, yo. PEACE. — Asked by Anonymous

Yeah keep those RM games off steam! Thanks friend!

I've encountered a bug with the game where my character faces the same position all the time. I tried entering events to fix the error, but seems to be a programming error rather than an event error. (Coudl be wrong). In any case, it's a pretty terrible glitch, help please! (Also, AMAZING GAME SO FAR!) Happened just after the forest. — Asked by genmathesamurai

It’s an error with 2k3 where an input buffer doesn’t get cleared. Unfortunately, it’s beyond my control; however, you can reset your PC to fix this.

Like Exit Fate, Starless Umbra harkens back to the glory days of JRPGs but with a greater emphasis on roaming and exploration. It has its fair share of clichés, but it so faithfully emulates the best features of its source material that it’s hard to fault the game for treading familiar ground. It puts the player in control of a likable cast in a fleshed out world, its themes are extravagant and its narration is flamboyant. While the game is not yet complete, developer Andrew Keturi’s polished demo of the game is available for download. Much of Keturi’s work has been adjusting the game based on advice and criticisms players have had on Starless Umbra’s first few hours. It’s an ambitious but promising project based on refreshing the best conventions of the genre’s heyday.

Heroes of Umbra: August updates



It has been a bumpy road for development recently. Over three weeks went by without a single build. Finally, I got everything in order and pushed a new version of the game. I played through the first dungeon and it seemed fairly solid (no new fatal bugs); however, there are many underlying…

I wonder if the crabs at the beginning give too much EXP when beaten, because I have gone past level 11 trying to get a Crab Claw. Flips are good on the crabs, but perhaps they should give 1 EXP instead of 4, so the player reaches the forest around level 3 or 4 (5 if Crab Claw grinding). Green Slimes and Eyespies shouldn’t be a problem, as the latter does 1 damage. The ones in the well (Beholders?) do up to 80 damage, which threw me for a loop the first time.

Following the boss progression (20 for troll, 40 for frog), I would expect to be at least level 60 at the end of the third dungeon, 80 at the fourth, 100 at the final, and anything goes for a possible bonus dungeon. (Every level after 133 needs 2.1 billion EXP, not that I’ve gone that far, though I saw a level 70 Zerephiehell) Six Memory Orbs seems decent, with only five being mandatory.

Thanks for the reply. Some really great comments and concerns here.

The reason for the easy leveling curve is one that seems to be a theme in many korean MMOs (like RO or MapleStory). I want to give players early-access to some skills, and begin building their characters early on to their liking. This encourages variety early-on, or at least is my intent. Understanding, of course, that the game isn’t meant to play like an MMO so I hope to not bore players to death with a grind, so it will constantly be a tweak.

The change I made to the EXP formula in this version is simply adding an additional 5*level EXP required for each level. This is to try to even-out some of the early-game vs late-game grind for a particular dungeon. In other words, 5*level additional EXP is more of a big deal for the early levels. Late-game, the 5*level offset should be negligent as you’d be getting hundreds (or thousands?) of exp every kill. Nothing is ever set in stone however, and my trend is to make leveling overall slower but balanced appropriately with the content, of course.

This was meant to be a small-ish game, so my baseline will be 4 total dungeons; however, if once things are nearing completion, people are still supporting the game, then I will be more than happy to add new dungeons or classes. More on that a bit later though!

EDIT: whoops posted to wrong blog. Sorry guys. I’m tired.

Hello, i love this kind of games, i can spend hours and hours on them but actually i can't play at Starless Umbra because the quality is a lot different from the screenshots you put on this blog, i can't show you how is my game but i have a screenshot so if you want to see it, give me your mail adress. There is an other problem, i did 2 battles, between each attack i had to switch Game > Desktop > Game because it took 20s to each character to make an attack and that's a problem hope you can help — Asked by hjkeazer

You likely need to install the font. (Please check the readme.) I’m not sure what you mean by game > desktop > game — unfortunately it might be an issue with the PC you’re using, though I’ve run the game on a netbook with few problems.

From Dr. Casey

Dr. Casey from the old forums here - I haven’t posted here on the website or been involved with the Facebook page because I’m lazy like that, but I’m as much of a Starless Umbra fan as I’ve always been, so I’ve continued to regularly check the website for updates. My main question is the obvious extension of that - when do you think that the next chapter might be released? It’s been a long time since February 1st, I want more Starless Umbra ;__; Speaking of the February 1st update, it was an absolutely wonderful update and I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on it, but I haven’t been able to muster up the motivation to register on the new forums because… well, I think they’re pretty unappealing and hard to navigate, honestly. Can we change to a different one? <_< Oh, and I love the new faceset for Andoru. The old facesets were one of my biggest problems with the game they were visually appealing in their own right, but it always bothered me that the portraits were so small that much of the characters’ faces were cropped out. The new Andoru faceset, though, is very fresh, charming, expressive, and much much larger - including not just his face, but his upper body/shoulders as well. It couldn’t be more perfect. <3 Now give us more Starless Umbra before I’m sent to the hospital due to developing withdrawal.

The old forums are still available and mostly functional at forum dot starlessumbra dot com. They are, however, mostly dead unfortunately. I don’t like the new ones much so I’ll probably change them again in the future.

In possibly an act of confusion and frustration I started developing another shorter RPG, Heroes of Umbra. It ties to SU but plays a bit different. I’ll be up-front and say it won’t have the same depth as SU but I’ve been told even currently it’s a lot of fun. HoU is 90% feature-complete and 50% content-complete. I know for some of the die-hard SU fans the fact that I’ve started a new game upsets them, but it gives me time away to give SU some real direction. As that’s my main project unfortunately I want it to be the best it can possibly be. That aside, my goal is to resume development on Starless Umbra early 2014. 

I’m glad you like the faces! They’re done by demonstar, who definitely brought a new style to the table. I’m eager to implement them.

Let’s keep in touch though!

How many hours of gameplay is this game? — Asked by Anonymous

Maybe 3 or so in its current state.

Hey, I've just been watching a few of your videos of your game Heroes of Umbra and it looks great! I'm just wondering how you are doing collisions? I've tried using Box2D and it works but I'd rather not use a whole physics engine just for collisions. I would be very greatful if you could show me the collision code you're using. Don't worry, I'm not wanting to steal your game or anything! — Asked by Anonymous

It’s not terribly robust or efficient, but it’s dead simple. It’s all rectangles. I check for collisions with the overlaps() method and handle accordingly.

I got my foundation from the sample game tutorial